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Wenzhou resort recognized as national tourist resort

ALMS|Updated: January 20, 2023


The welcome sign of the Taishun Lounge Bridge - Radon Spring Tourist Resort. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

The Taishun Lounge Bridge - Radon Spring Tourist Resort is the only such resort in Wenzhou and the first in south Zhejiang province to be recognized as a national tourist resort, according to the latest national tourist resorts list recently released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Located in Taishun, the resort boasts many tourist attractions, including a lounge bridge, a radon spring, a ranch, a canyon, a train-themed amusement park, a camp site, waterfalls, and an ancient village, making it a popular tourist site.

Air here is fresh with good air quality throughout the year. Its forest coverage rate is 87 percent. With fresh air, green mountains, and crystal clear water, it serves as a natural oxygen bar.

Over 1.6 million visitors have visited the resort in 2022, nearly 1.3 billion yuan ($204.34 million) in tourism revenue.

It can now cater to tourists of all kinds with well-developed supporting facilities such as hotels and B&Bs, parking lots, and tourist centers.

Its popularity has increased across the country thanks to Taishun county's series of promotional activities. The county will take advantage of its recent recognition to develop the site into a famous brand for rural and ecological tourism.

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