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Rui'an Overseas Chinese Trade Town

ALMS|Updated: May 17, 2023

Watch the video to learn more about Rui'an Overseas Chinese Trade Town. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Wenzhou, as a port city with thousands of years of history, plays an important role on the Maritime Silk Road and is a crucial driving force for local residents "seeking overseas expansion".

Aside from doing business in foreign lands, overseas Wenzhou natives are willing to aid in the development of their hometown. The Overseas Chinese Trade Town in Rui'an is the destination for many overseas Chinese businessmen who return home.

The town, built upon the concept of "internet, overseas Chinese businessmen and light industry", is the only one of its kind in Zhejiang province featuring overseas Chinese and foreign trade.

In this video, Xu Li, a Rui'an native returning from Greece, will tell us the story of her business venture in the town and introduce the convenient services she has received, such as an online remote service system, cross-border special line, cross-border e-commerce park, and a high-quality living zone for overseas Chinese.  

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