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Digitalization brings ancient intangible cultural heritage to life

ALMS|Updated: June 12, 2023


Visitors take a close look at the exhibits. [Photo provided to]

The new branch of Yueqing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum opened on June 12, which will also serve as a new cultural landmark and space for experiencing intangible cultural heritage.

The new museum is located on the fifth floor of Building 1 in Butterfly Square and covers a total area of approximately 4,041 square meters, consisting of a basic display area, digital scene area, lecture hall for intangible cultural heritage, themed creative area, and collection storage room.

The museum integrates traditional Yueqing culture, intangible cultural heritage items, cultural inheritors, history, and local customs, promoting the revitalization and utilization of intangible cultural heritage and providing a unique perspective and experience of local culture.

Yueqing is situated to the west of Yandang Mountain, facing the Oujiang River. Over the course of thousands of years, countless talented craftsmen have created a splendid traditional folk culture represented by paper carving, boxwood carving, ornamental dragons, and blue dyeing techniques.

In 2011, the Yueqing Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum was established, with a collection of 256 exhibits primarily displayed through physical objects and pictures. Over the years, more than 20 new intangible cultural heritage items have been added to the list, along with the establishment of 12 intangible cultural heritage workshops and three intangible cultural heritage centers.

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