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Wencheng herbal medicine park impresses intl students

ALMS|Updated: July 20, 2023

Watch the video to learn more about the international students' study trip on traditional Chinese medicine in Wencheng county. [Video provided to]

A group of international students from Wenzhou Medical University recently visited the Huaxing She Ethnic Minority Traditional Medicine Park in Wencheng county to learn about Chinese herbal medicine, local media outlets reported.

Lei Yankai, head of the park, taught students the art of picking gardenia flowers and introduced them to their medicinal properties.

"The flowers are edible, and the roots, leaves, and stems can be used in herbal medicine. They help to clear heat, relieve irritability, and promote diuresis and detoxification," Lei explained.

The students marveled at the seemingly unimpressive flower as they learned traditional methods of identifying Chinese herbs and had hands-on experience making and tasting gardenia flower tea.

"The flower tea has a faint fragrance and tastes sweet. It's quite enjoyable," said Lydia, an international student. She also said that she wanted to share traditional Chinese medicine culture with her family and friends abroad.

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