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From kickabouts to community: Overseas returnee's amazing football journey

ALMS|Updated: September 1, 2023

Watch the video to learn more about Wang Qi and his passion for football. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Wang Qi, a native of Lucheng in Wenzhou, is a remarkable overseas Chinese who returned from Italy, bringing with him a passion for football. Growing up right next to a football stadium, Wang's affinity with the sport began early and continued to shape his life.

This video unravels the unbreakable bond between Wang and the sport.

In 1995, Wang's journey with football began as he joined the Tiger Team and secured the championship in the Zhejiang Provincial Youth Football Tournament. His dedication to the sport didn't waver during his university years, where he majored in football at the Shanghai University of Sport. Even when he chose to venture abroad to Toronto for his postgraduate studies, football remained his constant companion, helping him integrate into the local community.

Upon his return to China, Wang embarked on a diverse career path, spanning industries such as real estate, hotels, business management, and solar energy equipment trade. Throughout his professional journey, Wang participated in numerous exhibitions and oversaw various renovation projects. The experiences proved invaluable when he later transformed Wenzhou's historic flour mill into a modern urban park, dedicated to fostering the essence of slow-paced urban life.

But Wang's unwavering love for football never waned. In 2017, he established the Ouyan Football Club. Today, the club boasts a comprehensive training system, catering to over 700 young talent for daily coaching. Their hard work and dedication have yielded impressive results in local football matches.

As Wenzhou gears up to host the group stage of the football event in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, Wang sees it as a pivotal moment in the city's football development. With confidence in Wenzhou's future and its growing football culture, he believes that the Games will serve as a catalyst for further progress. Wang's passion for the sport continues to inspire and shape the football dreams of young talent in Wenzhou.

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