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Intl friends visit Wenzhou's dragon boat sports base

ALMS|Updated: September 8, 2023

Watch the video to learn more about the trip to the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Base in Ouhai district. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Over 30 foreign dragon boat fans gathered at the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Base on Sept 6, embarking on a journey to learn about dragon boat racing and experience firsthand the city's preparations for the Asian Games.

Their adventure commenced with a visit to the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Culture Museum, which serves as a showcase for the rich heritage of dragon boat culture in Wenzhou.

Guided by the museum's staff, the foreigners delved into the origins, historical evolution, and distinctive traditions surrounding the ancient sport.

Fahmi, hailing from Tanzania, expressed his fascination, stating, "With dragon boat races taking place in over 85 countries and regions worldwide, the sport undeniably possesses a unique allure."

The foreigners also got the chance to explore the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Center, the official venue for dragon boat races during the Hangzhou Asian Games and which stands as one of Asia's premier dragon boat sporting arenas. The venue will see the granting of six gold medals during the Games.

As the tour concluded, many foreigners were eager to capture their experiences through video recordings at the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Center. The towering boat structure became an instant internet sensation, while the podium garnered significant attention.


A foreigner takes a closer look at a decorative dragon boat. [Photo/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

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