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Wenzhou unveils publicity campaign to showcase its attractions

ezhejiang.gov.cn|Updated: November 8, 2023

Wenzhou, known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and entrepreneurial spirit, is promoting itself with a series of publicity activities entitled "This is Wenzhou." The campaign highlights various regions of the city through different media formats.

One of the highlighted areas is Panshi town, a port town located in Yueqing. Historically known as Panyu, it holds a crucial strategic position in the region. Panshi town boasts historical and cultural landmarks, such as the lined stone pagodas and the historical site of Sifang mountain.

640 (7).jpg

Lined pagodas stand in the foot of hill. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

The town offers abundant traveling opportunities and serves as an educational base at the municipal level.

The town retains traditional folk activities, including dragon boat races to showcase its cultural vibrancy. Culinary traditions are well preserved, with smoked gray geese that were once tributes to the imperial palace, offering a unique taste to savor.

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    The town has been making efforts in environment protections. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

Notably, the town has produced many accomplished individuals, leaving a mark on the world stage. It is also hailed as a home for overseas Chinese.

With a diverse industrial landscape and a commitment to environmental improvements, Panshi town continues to evolve and now stands as a rejuvenated town, shaped by the sands of time.

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Books from Qing Dynasty documents town's layout at that time. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

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