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Wenzhou enterprises secure over $290 million in contracts at Canton Fair

ezhejiang.gov.cn|Updated: November 9, 2023

Wenzhou-based enterprises secured over $290 million in contracts at the 134th Canton Fair.

Wenzhou was represented by a delegation of 750 enterprises, which set a record-high number. The delegation rented 1,567 booths, of which 457 were brand booths and 1,110 were general booths, attracting over 13,000 overseas buyers, including 5,195 potential buyers.


Potential buyers were introduced to the products of Wenzhou enterprises. [Photo/66wz.com]

The top three buyers in terms of country and region were from Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America. The top five exhibition areas in terms of contract value were shoes, office supplies, bathroom equipment, automotive parts, and electronic and electrical products.

The National-level Import Promotion Innovation Demonstration Zone in Oujiang district, Wenzhou, once again made a collective presence at the fair. The zone, which covers an area of 216 square meters, showcased products from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Malaysia, mainly consisting of daily consumer goods such as wine, ham, and bird's nest.

Wenzhou enterprises also highlighted their commitment to innovation, cooperation, and green, intelligent development. Several enterprises launched new products at the fair, such as a new kind of colored marker whose pen mark can be easily washed away and more environment-friendly, recyclable products.

Wenzhou will continue to support enterprises to go global through targeted campaign movement, further expanding the exposure to key exhibitions, as well as improving the convenience of customs clearance.

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