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Wenzhou accelerates urban vitalization

ALMS|Updated: November 23, 2023

In a strategic move towards comprehensive urban vitalization, Wenzhou is positioning itself as a regional center in the future, drawing attention from prestigious educational institutions and driving innovation. 

Recently, the formation of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University-Wenzhou Technology and Innovation Research Institute marks a pivotal step, focusing on key industries such as marine equipment, offshore wind power, and precision manufacturing.

Wenzhou, with its rich history and dynamic economy, is fervently advancing its urban development agenda. The core of this initiative lies in the Ouhai New District, shaping Wenzhou's transition to a budding urban center, while highlighting historical and cultural landmarks and ecological zones.


Wenzhou is a helix of old and new. [Photo/]

The city is also enhancing its global connectivity through a robust transportation network. Notable projects include city rail expansion, international flight routes, and a well-connected highway network. These developments position Wenzhou as a pivotal hub, opening up new channels for interaction with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Wenzhou's commitment to elevating urban quality is evident in ongoing initiatives. The city is not only revamping historical and cultural districts but also transforming old neighborhoods, improving living environments, and responding to the needs of its residents.


The city is dedicated to enhance connectivity. [Photo/]

As Wenzhou embraces international events like the Asian Games, the city's global appeal continues to grow. Residents returning to their hometown are pleasantly surprised by the remarkable transformations, showcasing Wenzhou's dedication to becoming a modern, vibrant hub.

Looking ahead, Wenzhou is poised to secure a successful year-end push, solidifying its position as a modern, coastal garden city—combining tradition and innovation in perfect harmony.

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