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Wenzhou toy companies attend Hong Kong toy fair

ALMS|Updated: January 8, 2024


Zhejiang Zhongkai Amusement Co Ltd from Yongjia county, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, attends the 50th Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair. [Photo/]

On Jan 7, representatives from 11 educational toy companies from Yongjia county, Wenzhou, traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the 50th Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair. Attendance at the event marks the first major international market expansion effort of the new year for Wenzhou toy companies.

Recognized as the largest toy fair in Asia and the second-largest toy trade fair in the world, the Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair opened on Jan 8 and will run for four days. For Yongjia educational toy companies, this event serves as a crucial platform to boost brand visibility and international influence.

Among the exhibitors from Yongjia, Zhejiang Zhongkai Amusement Co Ltd showcased its core products with independent intellectual property rights, including children's desks, chairs, and three-stage sliding cars.

Liyou Industry Co Ltd, another prominent exhibitor, presented sensory education toys—the company's flagship product for overseas markets. 

"Our company has participated in the Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair many times. According to previous experience, the customers are mainly from Europe and the United States, which is in line with our current product and market positioning," explained He Yunxiao, foreign trade manager of Liyou Industry.

Yongjia county also subsidized 70 percent of booth fees for its companies, reinforcing its commitment to encouraging business to explore and capitalize on market opportunities.

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