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44 tech projects in Wenzhou gain provincial approval

ALMS|Updated: January 25, 2024

Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang province, recently secured approval for 44 significant science and technology projects aligning with Zhejiang's major initiatives, with 17 being led by local enterprises.

The total number of approved projects and those led by enterprises is twice as many as last year and a record high.

This feat highlights the city's overall strength in technological innovation and underscores its emphasis on fostering the innovative capabilities of local businesses.

The 17 projects being led by private enterprises are the result of collaboration with renowned universities and research institutions, showcasing the joint effort to tackle key technological challenges.

For instance, a project spearheaded by Chaoda Valve Group, in collaboration with Zhejiang University and other academic institutions, focusing on the in-depth research and application of special wear-resistant materials, has received approval.

According to the group's representative, the project aims to establish a wear-resistant materials testing and equipment center at an international level. The research focuses on developing special composite wear-resistant materials and control valves, aiming to triple the service life of similar products under demanding conditions.

In recent years, Wenzhou has prioritized an innovation-first strategy, accelerating the establishment of high-level innovation platforms to lead industrial innovation. Last year, the city added 11 new science and technology innovation platforms, bringing the total to 67. Additionally, Wenzhou has established 2,367 research and development institutions at or above the municipal level.

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