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Longwan Intl Valve Exhibition generates contracts worth 650m yuan

ALMS|Updated: February 27, 2024

The sixth edition of the China Valve City Longwan International Valve Exhibition recently concluded at the Wenzhou Olympic Sports Exhibition Center.

With over 600 standard booths, a 25 percent increase from the previous event, and more than 400 participating companies from across China, the three-day exhibition attracted nearly 10,000 professional visitors on its opening day alone.

Longwan in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, holds the distinction of being China's Valve City, offering a wide array of valve products, including over 2,000 types and 30,000 specifications. Many of these products fill critical gaps in both domestic and international markets.

This year's exhibition drew exhibitors from various regions, showcasing innovative products such as valves, pipelines, actuators, mechanical equipment, and accessories.

Additionally, the event hosted the 2024 Longwan Valve International Procurement Matchmaking Conference, inviting international buyers from Russia, Finland, Sweden, Syria, the Netherlands, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and other countries, to facilitate communication between domestic and international enterprises.

The exhibition received a total of 26,000 professional visitors, including 126 international buyers from 20 countries. 257 contracts were signed on-site, totaling 185 million yuan ($25.7 million) in transactions.

Furthermore, 105 cooperation intentions were established, amounting to contracts worth 650 million yuan, with foreign trade orders contributing approximately 12 percent of the total.

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