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Wenzhou University's Tsingshan Class: Bridging cultures, building skills

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: April 9, 2024


Graduates of Wenzhou University's Tsingshan Class. [Photo/wzrb.com.cn]

Wenzhou University's Tsingshan Class is a unique educational program that offers Indonesian employees of Tsingshan Industry specialized training in Chinese language and professional skills.

Roby MG, a 32-year-old gas management worker from Tsingshan Industrial Park in Indonesia, is among the students eagerly preparing for his HSK exams during the Qingming Festival holiday.

The program, initiated in 2023, marks a decade of China's strategic partnership with Indonesia and the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative. It aims to cultivate talents who are well-versed in Chinese culture and language, adept in management, and specialized in their fields. The curriculum is tailored to enhance cross-cultural communication and deepen understanding of contemporary China and corporate culture.

The first cohort of 48 students began their journey in September 2023, engaging in intensive training and cultural immersion activities. They visited local enterprises, participated in traditional festivals, and experienced the leap from "made in China" to "intelligent manufacturing in China".

With over 100 foreign students participating to date, the Tsingshan Class has proven successful in fostering a deeper connection between the participants and Chinese culture. Graduates like Andrew have praised the program for enhancing their language skills and exposing them to the beauty of Chinese traditions and landscapes.

As the program continues, it stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between Wenzhou University and Tsingshan Industry, paving the way for a future where cultural understanding and professional expertise go hand in hand.

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