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Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage shines in New York

ezhejiang.gov.cn|Updated: May 28, 2024


A Yueqing jewelry dragon is displayed at the second North American Ouyue Cultural Festival in Flushing, New York. [Photo/tmuyun.com]

The second North American Ouyue Cultural Festival opened in Flushing, New York on May 26, showcasing the splendor of Ouyue culture with a stunning Yueqing jewelry dragon.

Created by Lin Shunkui, a national inheritor of this intangible cultural heritage, the dragon's boat-like structure, spanning over 5 meters long and 3 meters high, featured over 300 silk figures depicting folklore and stories. Its tail, inscribed with wishes for prosperity and peace, and intricate paper-cuttings, reflected the diaspora's aspirations.

The dragon, a labor of love by Lin, is mechanized with wooden gears which animate the figures with the turn of a handle, bringing traditional craftsmanship to life.

After meticulous planning and a transoceanic journey, the dragon made its debut at the Asian Cultural Street Festival in New York in 2023.

The second North American Ouyue Cultural Festival presented a rich tapestry of cultural performances, heritage crafts, and traditional Chinese cuisine, immersing visitors in the Ouyue region's history and culture.

This cultural celebration aimed to bolster Chinese cultural influence, strengthen ethnic identity among Chinese people, and enhance global cultural understanding and respect. For Song Yumiao, a Yueqing native in New York, the encounter with the jewelry dragon was a moment of pride, shared with friends back home, showcasing the enduring allure of Chinese cultural heritage.

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