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Wencheng county shares a slice of Chinese culture with Gavoranno, Italy

ezhejiang.gov.cn|Updated: June 3, 2024


A paper-cutting artwork of the Baizhangji Waterfall is presented to Maurizio Fiorentini (right), mayor of Gavorrano, Italy. [Photo/WeChat account: wcxc66]

The city of Gavorrano, Italy, recently received a unique gift from Wencheng county in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. To express his gratitude, Mayor Maurizio Fiorentini wrote "Thank you" in Chinese on a piece of paper and took a commemorative photo with the gift.

The special gift was a paper-cutting artwork of the Baizhangji Waterfall, a natural wonder that stands as a proud symbol of Wencheng's scenic allure. Selected from a vast array of intangible cultural heritage crafts at the 36th Turin International Book Fair, this paper-cutting work represents the fusion of art and nature, a traditional Chinese craft beloved for generations.

It now adorns the walls of Gavorrano's city hall, alongside artist Mai Lang's creations.

The relationship between Wencheng and Gavorrano dates back to 2018 when Yuhu town in Wencheng established a cooperative relationship with Gavorrano. Earlier this year, they formalized a sister city agreement, deepening their cooperation in culture, tourism, education, sports, and trade. This partnership has opened a significant window for cultural exchange between China and the West, symbolizing the close ties and mutual understanding between the two communities.

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